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New Braunfels Psychiatry: Opioid Addiction, Adult ADHD Treatment, Alcohol Detox, & General Psychiatry

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Our psychiatrist, Dr. Senyszyn, has over 15 years of experience treating individuals with serious mental illness and drug addiction. His private clinic, New Braunfels Psychiatry, focuses on the treatment of Adult ADHD and adolescents age 17+ with ADHD. He also uses Suboxone as a treatment for (buprenorphine) individuals having problems with opioids.

Existing patients can schedule your appointment online. For your convenience, we offer the ability of online scheduling. If you prefer to schedule with our psychiatrist by phone, we will do that as well. Existing Patients Only.

We have found that online portal a secure and efficient way to quickly communicate with patients and we encourage our patients to use it. We work to have all messages answered the same day. For more urgent concerns, we are available by phone during normal business hours.

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Let Us Help You Reach Your Goals

Access: My clinic can usually accommodate individuals needing an appointment within one to three business days.

Availability: We are working toward every phone call being answered by a live person with all questions answered immediately or within one business day.

Privacy: YOU decide if your insurance company or anyone else gets your information. We verbally confirm any release of information and I, as your psychiatrist, limit any information to critical communication. I avoid releasing every detail of your visits.

Comprehensive: New patients receive a complete psychiatric evaluation rather than a limited exam.

Flexibility: I do not dictate treatment to my patients. Working within acceptable practice standards, patients can choose with my recommendations, their medications and treatment length (detox).

New Braunfels Psychiatry

As a psychiatrist, I have worked with many hundreds of patients with ADHD treatment, opioid Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, and other major mental illnesses.

My work revolves around being friendly, disciplined and organized, yet flexible. I approach my patients and help them understand their illness, coordinate appropriate counseling, and find medication that is effective, reasonably priced, and tolerable.

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